rainy_day__sunny_day_by_l_spiro-d63x121Yesterday when i got up, it was quite a clear day. The sun came up through those beautiful clouds and looked really beautiful like every other day. Infact, i am not the kind of person who loves sunny days. But morning sunshine looks pretty.

As the day passed, the sun rose to its maximum and it became harder even to step out of the house. That scorching heat , oh!  I am among the ones who seriously hates those bright sunny days specially during summers. I was just wondering about when will my favourite winters arrive.

But suddenly the day grew darker and those lovely clouds appeared and the sound of thunder and lightning gave me immense pleasure.

As i headed outside to look at the sky, and in the this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came. The natural shower is the most beautiful thing to experience.There is quite a beauty found in nature when heaven weeps. And this single photograph can remind us of how nature changes.

This us the best example which nature gives us about how time changes and sometimes it’s calm out there and at some other times it can be the most dangerous. The weather signifies the great transitions from how it changes from sunny to rainy. And at last among this what people love the most is petrichor. And it was quite a best day for pluviophiles.